Unistream Story

Unistream is one of the leading cross-border money transfer institutions in Russia.

Unistream was launched by Gagik Zakaryan and George Piskov in 2001 as a money transfer division of Uniastrum Bank.

The abundance of secure and conveniently located outlets, low fees and high level of customer services had quickly made Unistream popular among migrant workers, sending money back to their families.

Unistream has become a separately licensed bank in 2006.

Unistream clients are able to make and receive cash transfers at 150 000 service points in 90 countries. Online remittance service has been introduced in 2016.

More than 117 000 customers use Unistream debit card for mobile money transfers as well as other payments. 318 banking and retail institutions use Unistream platform to provide remittance services to their clients.

In 2018 alone, customers made 5,5 million transactions, with over 227 billion rubles being transferred to Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and many other countries across the world.

In the last three years, over ten million customers used Unistream network to send money back to their families.

Unistream is proud to be of service to the migrant communities and is working hard to make money transfers even more affordable, secure and convenient through the constant improvements in our tariffs and services and the smart use of modern technologies.