UNISTREAM Launches User Accounts for Online Customers


UNISTREAM Launches User Accounts for Online Customers

The UNISTREAM online money transfer system has just become even more convenient for users. Customers can now set up their own user account on the unistream.ru website to view information about completed online transactions and monitor the status of current transfers.

The new user account feature has been created on the basis of designer best practices and the wishes of UNISTREAM customers. User accounts can now be used to make new transfers or repeat previous transfers. For repeat transfers, all sender and recipient data will be entered automatically, making the transfer process almost instantaneous.

In addition, via their user accounts, customers can now save receipts with transfer reference numbers to any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Accessing а user account is easy – the entire process takes just a matter of seconds. It is not even necessary to think up and memorize logins and passwords: access is controlled by the customer’s telephone number, with a one-time password sent to the user’s mobile phone. Generation of a new password for each login enhances the security of user accounts.

“UNISTREAM is constantly improving the quality and efficiency of its services. When developing our user accounts, we listened to the wishes of our customers for whom it is important to have all the information they need to hand and, if necessary, quickly perform transactions. Simplicity and convenience are important for our customers. We hope they will appreciate the convenience and functionality of the user account”, said Kirill Palchun, chairman of UNISTREAM’s management board.

The volume of online payments handled by UNISTREAM in Russia has doubled since January 2018, underlining the demand for this service, and analysts predict that it could even triple by the end of the year. With this trend in mind, UNISTEAM bank will continue to add functionality to its UNISTREAM Online service. The creation of user accounts is the latest step in this journey.

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