Unistream increases the number of supported cash-to-card payment systems


Unistream increases the number of supported cash-to-card payment systems

“MIR”* national payment system has confirmed the successful launch of the cash-to-card transfer service for Unistream Bank. Now its clients can deposit cash to “MIR” cards at any Unistream service point or online via the bank’s website. You only need to input your card’s number, and the funds become available instantly in any part of the Unistream network.

This service has been implemented thanks to technological support of the processing company “Compass Plus Online” of the Compass Plus group, in the shortest time frame and with supreme quality standards seen to. As the chosen technology of message transmit has proved its effectiveness, the direct connection of Unistream to the Operational and Payment Clearing Center of National Payment Card System has been carried out.

“We have been working with Compass Plus for several years now. This partnership is the most optimal not only from the commercial point of view, it is also the way to ensure reliability and flexibility of our services,” notes Kirill Palchyun, Unistream Chairman of the Board.
“The development of outsource business is one of our top priorities. We always rely on long term partnership and try to provide our clients with goods and services that meet the highest demands for security and relevance in the current market conditions,” says Alexey Osipov, Executive Vice President at Compass Plus.

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