Unistream offers entrepreneurs online cash registers for free


Unistream offers entrepreneurs online cash registers for free

Unistream has introduced “Quick Launch”. This unique plan allows small businesses to open an account for free, enjoy the acquiring fee from 0% and rent payment terminals and online cash registers at 0 roubles. The plan is available to new and current Unistream clients.

“‘Quick Launch’ combines all the services necessary for a successful enterprise with the most profitable conditions on the market. The client only needs to pay for bank servicing, 2 500 roubles (less than $40) a month,’ said Vadim Ignatyev, Cash and Settlement Sales Development Department Director. “We actively support small businesses and allow them to adapt easily to changes in legislation. According to amendments to the law FZ-52, more and more entrepreneurs and organisations in Russia have to use online cash registers. That’s why we’re offering SMEs a ready‑made solution with online cash registers’ free rentals, for them to launch their sales quickly.”

Unistream helps its clients to cut their costs even further, by paying for servicing of their bank account for 3, 6 or 12 months at once. The advance payment is available with any chosen small business plan and lets them save up to 50% of their funds.

Entrepreneurs can also link a corporate Unistream Business card to their account. The card gives them around-the-clock access to cash and makes the payment of representation, business trip and administrative expenses easier.

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