Unistream helps small businesses to increase profits


Unistream helps small businesses to increase profits

On April 17, Unistream Business invited entrepreneurs to a Smart Breakfast. This is the first in a series of events dedicated to discussing issues and development opportunities of SMEs and the ways to increase profits.

‘Smart breakfasts have a conversational format. We invite entrepreneurs and experts to talk at the venue provided by Unistream,’ said Alexander Lozhkin, Head of Bank Business Development. ‘Specific topical issues are on the agenda, and together we arrive at ready-made practical solutions.’

During the discussion, the guests focused on the opportunities to reduce SME expenses. For instance, accounting automation and optimisation of bank interaction allow to avoid penalties and blocking of accounts, and help entrepreneurs choose the most suitable service plan.

Necessary step-by-step amendments to FZ-54 stirred particular interest. According to this law, Russian companies and entrepreneurs have to acquire and use online cash registers. Unistream invited Vasily Ovchinnikov, a fiscal equipment expert, who suggested ways to quickly and effectively put a register into service and be reimbursed for it. Unistream also introduced Quick Launch, a new plan for entrepreneurs with online cash registers for free.

The format proposed by Unistream Business elicited a keen response from participants of the meeting.

‘Thanks for a nice morning! Didn’t expect to get so much valuable information that can be used here and now. It’s very important that the bank listens to the voice of entrepreneurs and is set to work together with us,’ said Larisa Gulyaeva, representative of a children’s learning network.
‘Effectively, we open our own enterprises to be in our favourite business, and routine matters hinder development,’ said Elvira Zenina, fashion designer and manufacturer. ‘We’re glad the bank takes on a part of our concerns.’
‘It’s quite rare today, a bank with a “human face”’, said Oleg Nosov, cafe owner. ‘We expect real, engaged conversation from a bank, and it’s a good thing that Unistream gives us that.’

During the event, specialists advised its participants on tax optimisation, marketing, sales organisation and effective communication with the bank. Keeping in mind the keen interest of entrepreneurs, Unistream is going to hold these club meeting regularly, one or two times a month.

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