Unistream to participate in «Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia» PLUS-forum


Unistream to participate in «Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia» PLUS-forum

The «Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia» PLUS-forum will take place on November 21-22, in Minsk, in which representatives of banks, payment systems and national regulators of the CIS and Eurasion Economic Union will participate. The events is being organized by PLUS-Alliance group. Unistream international money transfer system has become a partner of the forum. 

 "Nowadays, work efficiency, service quality and client loyalty directly depends on financial technologies. Unistream keeps up-to-date. We invest the newest payment and banking technologies. We are planning to receive the latest information on the best world products, technologies, solutions and tendencies of digital era, as well as to share our expertise", comments Kirill Palchun, president of Unistream. 

 The development of banking, fintech, payment industry, acquiring,financial services in the era of digitization are going to be discussed at the  «Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia» forum. The topics of the forum include the following: blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the confrontation of neobanks and traditional banking, the development of retail banking and the payment market during the era of digital transformation, remote identification and the economy of ecosystems. 

 Unistream will present up-to-date service at the forum: money transfers to banking cards, including those of such national payment systems as MIR, UZCARD, Korti Milli, as well as remittances in the national currency and the mobile application. 

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