Unistream to Work with New Rating Agency


Unistream to Work with New Rating Agency

Unistream Bank has decided to terminate its collaboration with Expert RA and begin working with a new rating agency. It is already considering proposals from leading agencies accredited by the Bank of Russia and studying their assessment methods.

The decision to change the Bank’s rating agency partner is due to the different approaches taken by Unistream and Expert RA to assessing the Bank’s business model and the future prospects for the payment business in Russia, as well as the practical aspects of applying the rating in relations with partners and contractors. When determining Unistream’s rating, it is essential to take into account the Bank’s specific features as the operator of the international money transfer system of the same name.

Unistream’s popularity is growing thanks to its large number of safe and conveniently located service points, low tariffs and customer-oriented service. Unistream is opening new branches within its own network while also expanding its network of partners. Clients are now able to transfer and receive money in 150,000 locations in 90 countries. Over the past three years, more than 10 million people have used the service. Unistream’s partner network consists of more than 300 banks, retail chains and telecom companies, including the Russian Agricultural Bank, VTB Group banks, Tinkoff Bank, OTP Bank, MTS and Tele2.

Unistream is actively introducing new technologies to make its money transfer service even more convenient for customers. Since 2016, online transfers have been available both on the Bank's website and in its mobile app. Over 117,000 customers currently use a Unistream VISA card for online transfers and other payments.

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