1 Million Transactions Made by Unistream Mobile App Users


1 Million Transactions Made by Unistream Mobile App Users

Unistream’s Money Transfer mobile app has become a loyal assistant to thousands of customers who regularly send money to relatives and friends: the number of customers using the Unistream app now exceeds 600,000 and the millionth transaction via the app was made a few days ago. Over 70% of online transfers are now carried out by this method. We have managed to achieve this because Unistream is constantly improving the app and updating its functionality in response to customer requests and wishes.

“A million is an important milestone for our team. We are pleased that customers are actively using our convenient service,” said Ksenia Chernysheva, Head of Unistream Online Business Department. “App users save time and money by instantly making international transfers at competitive rates. Without exaggeration, we can say that Unistream is always with its clients: after all, people today are hardly ever without their smartphone.”

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the service offers customers the opportunity to transfer money without risk to their health and safety as there is no need to visit a Unistream office or stand in a queue to make a transfer.

Sending a transfer via the app takes no more than a minute as it automatically stores user data and all online operations, as well as linked payment cards. Recipients can receive the money in cash at any Unistream location in their country. In the most popular destinations, in addition to dollars and euros, payments are made in the national currency at competitive exchange rates. 

The app’s functionality is constantly improving: late last year, transfers to Uzcard payment system bank cards became available for senders in Uzbekistan, while residents of Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan working in Russia can now use the service to pay for their work permits. 

As the service is used by people from different countries, the Unistream Money Transfer app is available in seven languages: Russian, English, Armenian, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek.

Unistream’s Money Transfer mobile app is available in the AppStore: https://apple.co/31HOQVP  and GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2XjCUu7

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