Ksenia Chernysheva appointed new president of Unistream Money Transfers


Ksenia Chernysheva appointed new president of  Unistream Money Transfers

Ksenia Chernysheva, who replaced Kirill Palchun in this position, became the president of Unistream Money Transfers. The Board of Directors of Unistream Bank decided on the appointment on the 31st  March 2020.
Ksenia Chernysheva has been working in financial institutions for over 10 years. She graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute and has a number of certificates in digital marketing.

Ksenia Chernysheva began her career at Uniastrum Bank as a press secretary. For the past 5 years, she has been involved in the launch and development of digital projects at Unistream Bank as a director of online marketing, and later as director of online business.

Ksenia Chernysheva has shown excellent results in the development of the online business division. We are confident that her experience will allow Unistream Money Transfers to reach new frontiers and continue successful expansion in the financial market - comments Gagik Zakaryan, co-founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Unistream Bank. Using the website and Unistream mobile application is the fastest and most convenient way to make money transfers and payments, and in the present situation of coronavirus pandemic, it is also the safest. We look forward to the dynamic development of our online business and have great hopes for Ksenia

Under the leadership of Ksenia Chernysheva, the online direction to Unistream was developing rapidly. Unistream's monthly online transfers currently exceed one billion rubles. In 2019, the volume of online transfers more than doubled compared to 2018. The Unistream Money Transfers mobile application, which has been installed by hundreds of thousands of users, is becoming more and more popular among working migrants, sending money home. Over 70% of online transfers are made by customers through this app.

I am glad to continue my career with Unistream Money Transfers as a president and I will do my best to even further accelerate the pace of digital transformation of our business - said Ksenia Chernysheva. - In the coming years, the money transfer market will be transformed as far as possible towards digital service technologies - we already see this in Europe and Asia. Today we compete for the client not only with money transfer platforms but also with the banks, fintech startups, telecoms and companies from other industries. Unistream is a strong brand and over the years achieved a very high degree of customer loyalty. By developing technologies and expanding our online presence, we will continue to create convenient and affordable products and services for working migrants in money transfers, payments and more.

Kirill Palchun, who handed over the post to Ksenia Chernysheva, decided to join the new project. Shareholders of the bank highly appreciate the results of his eleven-year work at Unistream. Kirill Palchun began his work at Unistream Bank as financial director, became a member of the bank’s management board, and in 2013 became the CEO. Since 2019, Kirill Palchun has served as a president of Unistream Money Transfers.

We are grateful to Kirill Palchun for many years of loyal work at Unistream. Using his experience and managerial talent, he made a significant contribution to the development of the company, strengthened its position in the financial market and expanded the client reach. We wish Kirill Palchun success in his endeavours, said George Piskov, co-founder of Unistream.

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