Unistream offering remittances to banking accounts in EU and Switzerland


Unistream offering remittances to banking accounts in EU and Switzerland

The clients of Unistream Money Transfer System can now make remittances to banking accounts in 27 countries of EU and Switzerland. Transfers are carried out via SEPA system fast and conveniently: to make a remittance one just needs to know the International Banking Account Number (IBAN) and the recipient’s name. Making use of the service, it is possible to transfer funds in EUR to a Physical Person’s bank account, as well as to pay for any services in Europe, for example, tuition fees, medical bills, purchasing goods. To pay for services, it’s just necessary to present the bill or the agreement.

t takes the transfer from 15 minutes to one day to be implemented. The commission fee starts from EUR 10. “SEPA service has a range of privileges, including wide coverage, simplicity, efficiency and low commission. The service connects Europe allowing clients to flawlessly make payments and transfers to the accounts of European Banks even in less populated areas. We are glad to provide this opportunity to our clients”, comments Nikolay Belov, the Head of Unistream International Business Development.

SEPA transfers may be made from any Unistream service point on their own network. Remittances are accessible in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, the UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain and other EU countries.

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