Moldova getting nearer, transfers- simpler: started serving Unistream system


Moldova getting nearer, transfers- simpler: started serving Unistream system

Popular BPAY payment system has been unified with Unistream in Moldova. That’s not an accidental integration: UNISTREAM has been performing in Moldova for more than 10 years and enjoys great popularity among the population. Unistream has got 10 partners and 765 outlets in this country. Getting reviews from Moldovan users, Unistream continuously improves its service and expands its possibilities.

Another innovation that will please the clients is BPAY connection. This means that money transfers to Moldova and back can now be implemented with just a few clicks.

BPAY payment system is widely used by Moldovan citizens for local and international money transfers, payments for different services and goods at online shops. Furthermore, this system gives an opportunity to take money out of internet space and make it cash.

The unification of Unistream and BPAY means a brand new level of comfort for the clients of these two popular systems. For making money transfers one should have an account in BPAY system with an identification status of not less than “Special”. Then choose the corresponding operation on website and send or receive money transfers. After the implementation of payments the system automatically provides the code of the money transfer which must necessarily be given to the receiver of the payment.

One of the four currencies may be chosen for transfers: Rubles, Dollar, Euro and Moldovan Lei. Conversion is made at the rates of BPAY payment system, published on the site. “The main advantage of payment system is the possibility to control your finances totally online on your computer or mobile phone. The cooperation with Unistream will help our clients make and receive money transfers online at any time convenient for them regardless of their distance from the bank branch,” noted Artyom Vasiliyev, CEO of BPAY group of companies. “Moldova is important for us not only as a quickly developing market, but also as one of the key ways leading to Western and Eastern Europe. Now Moldovans, their relatives and friends have a wide variety of choice while making international money transfers, economizing also at the cost of the low commission of Unistream,” announced Kirill Palchun, CEO of Unistream bank.

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