UNISTREAM launches online money transfers to Serbia


UNISTREAM launches online money transfers to Serbia

UNISTREAM’s online customers can now take advantage of a new service to transfer money to Serbia via the unistream.ru website and the Unistream Money Transfers app.

The fee for each money transfer to Serbia is 100 rubles, irrespective of the amount. The minimum transfer amount is 1 Euro and the maximum is 1,200 Euros. UNISTREAM money transfers to Serbia are disbursed in Euros.

Online transfers via the UNISTREAM system can be picked up in cash at any branch of the Postal Savings Bank of Serbia. The bank has more than 170 branches in all the country’s main towns. The addresses of your nearest branches can be found on the Postal Savings Bank’s website .

“Until recently, to transfer money to Serbia you had to visit one of our cash desks”, explains Kirill Pаlchun, Chairman of the Management Board of UNISTREAM Commercial Bank. - “But now there’s no need to go anywhere: you can transfer money using any Visa, Mastercard or MIR bank card and any convenient gadget – smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. The recipient will receive the transfer in Serbia in cash in just a couple of minutes”.

According to the Central Bank of Russia , USD 522,000 was sent via money transfer systems from Russia to Serbia in 2017, and USD 524,000 in the first half of 2018 alone – an increase of 54% compared to the same period last year.

UNISTREAM is continuing to expand its geographical coverage. As it grows its partnership network in Serbia it will become even easier for residents and visitors in most regions of the country to receive UNISTREAM money transfers.

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