Unistream Money Transfers in Uzbekistani Soms are now available at Hamkorbank


Unistream Money Transfers in Uzbekistani Soms are now available at Hamkorbank

As of February 2019, Unistream offers the opportunity to send and receive money transfers in the national currency of Uzbekistan at Hamkorbank service points.

“We have had a successful partnership with Unistream since 2007. We share a common goal: to provide our clients with an accessible and convenient service,” said Jasur Hasanov, Hamkorbank Chairman of the Board. “In the framework of our joint strategy to reduce transfer costs for the client, we have canceled the transfer commission on national currency. This way, our clients do not spend their time on currency exchange and do not pay a fee for double conversion.”

A competitive national currency transfer rate is a distinctive feature of Unistream client service. Depending on the destination country, you can choose the currency in which the transfer will be received (e.g. RUB, EUR, USD or GBP). In Uzbekistan the zero tariff is also in effect when you send USD and they receive the transfer in the national currency of Russia or the CIS (RUB in Russia, KZT in Kazakhstan, BYR in Belarus, AMD in Armenia).

“Hamkorbank branch offices are located all over Uzbekistan,” said Unistream Chairman of the Board Kirill Palchyun. “Over 100 points of service, including 42 branches, in all major cities and regional centres of the Republic offer a convenient product at an advantageous rate for Unistream clients.”

Unistream is constantly advancing its system and improving its level of service. The bank's initiatives are always aimed at the increase in clients' satisfaction and benefit, and the expansion of its national currency network is no exception.

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