Unistream steps up its corporate governance structure


Unistream steps up its corporate governance structure

Unistream refines its management structure and strengthens its corporate governance system.

“High level of corporate governance is a top priority for Unistream,” said Gagik Zakaryan, Chairman of the Board. “We aspire to create a solid foundation for the bank's steady development, and provide for common information space and full financial transparency.”

According to the decision of the board of directors made on February 18, 2019, Nadezhda Kibalnik, formerly Deputy Chairman of the bank, takes up the post of Executive Chairman. Kirill Palchyun is appointed President of Unistream Money Transfer System.

“Unistream is a high-tech bank with high hopes for the future,” said Nadezhda Kibalnik. “We're not afraid to experiment and set up trends on the market. Our main goals are to develop and implement new technologies in every segment of the bank, and be as transparent as possible to all our current and future clients and partners. Unistream Bank is the settlement bank for Unistream money transfer system. As always, our primary tasks are the constant expansion of the product line and the continuous development of existent banking products, such as cash and settlement service, and cards. I'm certain that the number of our clients will increase in the nearest future, and we will try to answer their needs with quality service.”

“High level of service, building customer loyalty and keeping participant and partner banks satisfied are key to the development of Unistream money transfer system,” said Kirill Palchyun, President of the System. “That's why we are constantly refining our business processes, improving Unistream information systems and expanding our network by involving new participants and partners. All of these components allow our clients to send money to their family and friends, top-up their bank cards, repay credits, pay patent fees and make other payments in a timely and secure manner.”

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