UNISTREAM obtained all-European license to conduct money transfers in the EU


International money transfer system UNISTREAM obtained pan-European license for remittances in the countries of EU. The license was obtained through an affiliated company UNISTREAM Germany, whose central office is base in Hamburg. Thus, the system received a single European passport, allowing it to continue active development of business in the territory of European Union.

Currently UNISTREAM promotes its network through affiliated companies in the UK (UNISTREAM UK), Cyprus (UNISTREAM Cyprus), Greece (UNISTREAM Greece), and Germany. Pan-European license was issued by the German regulator BaFin.

UNISTREAM became the first CIS-based system to obtain all-European license in Germany.

"Getting a pan-European license is a milestone for international development of UNISTREAM», - said the chairman of the Board of Directors of Unistream Gagik Zakarian. He noted that the license and the right to further develop the business in the European Union indicates that UNISTREAM fully meets the highest European standards.

Today the system operates more than 190 thousand service points in 95 countries. In 2009, the system served almost 6 million people.

The system is known for its ambitious and innovative projects not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Asia and the countries of Gulf.

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