UNISTREAM remittances launched in Canada


The international money transfer system UNISTREAM completed initial phase of integration with the payment system Kash Mart.

The integration project opened access to sending the euro and US-dollar remittances from Kash Mart’s outlets in Canada through UNISTREAM to Russia and CIS.
Kash Mart has about 30,000 service points across the world.
In the future, it is planned to launch money transfers from the U.S. to the service points UNISTREAM operates in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.
"The project is quite ambitious, as it has a very wide geography of development. In addition, it opens green light to a serious development in the countries of North America: United States and Canada, which are major donor countries due to the exceptional role that they play in labor migration flows worldwide, "said the CEO for UNISTREAM, Souren Hayriyan.
Upon completion of the full phase of integration, it is planned that the project will work in nearly 90 countries.
Hayriyan noted that over the last year, the system made serious achievements as a large international player. In July of 2010, UNISTREAM received pan- European license that greatly intensifies the process of it development in the continent.
In Europe, the system is rapidly building up its networks through the affiliates Unistream UK in the United Kingdom, Unistream Greece in Greece, Unistream Cyprus in Cyprus, as well as in Germany, through the partner company Unistream Germany.

Every year, a number of innovative products under the UNISTREAM brand appear in the market, ranging from mobile transfers, cash-to-account transfers to bank account crediting through payment terminals.
UNISTREAM operates a network of 190 000 outlets in 95 countries serving 12 million customers a year.

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