UNISTREAM strengths position in Emirates. Integration project with Muthoot Exchange

The international money transfer UNISTREAM strengthened its position in the United Arab Emirates. The system has successfully implemented integration project with the Muthoot Exchange, a Dubai-headquartered UAE-operator.

The project completion resulted into the clients getting access to UNISTREAM services in Muthoot Exchange outlets. The project is a part of the UNISTREAM’s program to develop its powerful network not only in the UAE but across entire Gulf region.

"Gulf is one of the principal corridors and an integral part of the global market of money transfers. This is primarily due to a high standard of living, the increasing flow of migrant workers in these economically successful countries," said Souren Hayriyan, the president for UNISTREAM, in his comments to the beginning of the project.

He stressed that UNISTREAM carries out a systematic and intensive program to develop its partnership network in the Gulf countries.

The system is currently working in partnerships with three major operators. The number of service points UNISTREAM operates in the region, exceeds 80.

In the United Arab Emirates alone, the system cooperates with three service providers, operating more over 50 points.

The company said that its interest in the region is so high that the leadership might consider purchase of a local operator specialized in remittances.

Hayriyan also noted that over a year-period UNISTREAM has seriously established itself as a major international player not only in the Gulf corridor, but also in Europe and Southeast Asia. Development of its own networks through an affiliate campaign in Germany, Greece, Great Britain and Cyprus has seen particularly fast growth.

Nowadays the system operates over 200,000 items in 95 countries. The number of transactions exceeds 6 million per annum.

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