UNISTREAM president wins competition "Entrepreneur of the Year “ in category" Finance"


President of the international money transfer UNISTREAM, Souren Hayriyan has won the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the category "Finance".

This was announced at the awards ceremony of the 2010-finalists, held on November 25 in Moscow.

The organizer of the competition is Ernst and Young. The competition is held in 50 countries.

Since 1986, more than 14 000 bright and talented entrepreneurs from all over the world participated in the contest.

The competition rightfully earned a reputation as the most prestigious business award for entrepreneurship

While determining the winner it was taken into account that Souren Hayriyan has made a great contribution to the development of one of the leading operators of national scope in the field of remittances in the CIS, UNISTREAM.

In the past few years, the system seriously has declared itself not only as a major national provider, but the ambitious player in the international market. Actively participating in the development of key international corridors of remittances, promoting their networks in the EU countries, implementing large projects in the CIS, Indochina and Oceania region, UNISTREAM managed to reach unprecedented performance in all key business parameters.

6 million transactions per year, 200 000 service outlets in 95 countries around the world - just a few of them.

Hayriyan has led UNISTREAM from the very start of its activity in 2001. He is still the president for the system. His contribution to the promotion of the system and the development of a civilized market in Russia and the CIS can not be overestimated.

The 35-year-old UNISTREAM leader was at the forefront of in the period of launch of the International Association of Money Transfer Systems (IAMTN). During the short period he was able to form one of the best teams working in the remittance market.

Hayriyan perceives himself winning the nomination, as a great success the whole entire team reached.

"This is a victory in a fair and impartial competition. I regard it as an assessment of not only my work personally, but all of our close-knit team - from the ordinary cashiers to the top managers. We have so far succeeded in many things, but even more we need to do. Victory in this high-level international competition will be a good incentive for all of us who persist and work hard in UNISTREAM.

“With this team spirit we will be able to reach new heights and success, "the president for UNISTREAM Suren Hayriyan said.

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