UNISTREAM outsources production of strategic information to Inergy


The international money transfer system UNISTREAM has decided to outsource its business intelligence (BI) activities to BI specialist Inergy in Woerden.

UNISTREAM's core business is cash to cash money transfers between individuals without having banking accounts. The system provides money transfer services across 100 countries and territories, worldwide. UNISTREAM's product portfolio also consists of cash to account; cash to card; commercial payments (loans repayments, utilities payments, etc.), Internet payments and mobile money transfers.

The Moscow-headquartered remittance operator will use Inergy's Managed BI Services for the production of operational and strategic information. Based on data obtained from various transactional and financial systems, Inergy produces management control information in reports, dashboards and (KPI) scorecards. This up-to-date information enables management to make decisions faster, based on relevant, complete and actual information. The deep and detailed insight in operations and business will help management to further optimize cost savings and efficiency and to develop new business.

"The importance of information is growing as a result of the increasing competition we encounter in this market," explains George Piskov, who is one of the founders and a managing director of UNISTREAM. "The collection, storage, processing and analysis of our growing data volumes is work for a specialist. By outsourcing this process to Inergy, we can focus on our core activities and have the flexibility to react to market changes in short time."

"We are very proud to welcome UNISTREAM as another new customer on our BI-from-thecloud infrastructure. We see this as an acknowledgement of our Managed BI Services and cloud proposition", comments JanKees Lampe, Inergy's CMO. "We offer Unistream guaranteed availability and continuity of their strategic information without the need to make huge investments in specialized expertise and expensive infrastructure. Not only do we offer Unistream a cost-efficient solution, we enable them to concentrate fully on their core activities and compete on analytics. Unistream also proves that our Managed BI Services will work cross border as a BI-from-the-cloud solution."

An established international market player, UNISTREAM is currently focused towards development of principal international corridors. Serving up to 6 million clients per annum, UNISTREAM has affiliates in Greece, UK, Cyprus, and Germany. The bank's money transfer business is currently in partnership with over 350 financial institutions around the globe.

Founded in 1999, Inergy has developed into a successful information service provider with special expertise in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Inergy creates optimum value for companies by enabling them to retain their innovative edge and achieve a greater return on their business operations. A core competence of Inergy is managed BI services where customers outsource their entire dataware house to Inergy.

Inergy customers include large and mid-sized organisations in the financial service, retail, travel, media and logistics sectors. Companies have been able to outsource their business intelligence and data warehousing to Inergy since 2008. Inergy is headquartered in Woerden, the Netherlands.

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