UNISTREAM turnover increased by 23 percent in first 9 months of 2011

The turnover of the international money transfer system UNISTREAM increased to $3.4 billion in January-September, a 23-percent increase over the same period in 2010.

The number of transactions grew by 17 percent, totaling to 5.19 million.

Summing up the results of the first nine months and third quarter of 2011, the UNISTREAM experts noted that in July-September the system demonstrated a 15-percent growth in volume of transfers. The absolute value of the turnover reached $1.36 billion. It is a high growth rate, given the significant increase in the U.S. currency rate.

In the third quarter the number of transactions rose by 15 percent to 1.96 million.

In his comments to the results released, the President for UNISTREAM Souren Hayriyan said that the first nine months and third quarter of this year were a very dynamic period when the system fairly aggressively pursued the development, both in terms of stepping up its network and promoting its new products and services.

He reported the system entered fourth quarter, working in partnership with 376 financial institutions worldwide.

The network in Russia grew to 4,750 outlets and more than 120,000 terminals. In the CIS countries the network increased to 14,220 points.

The total size of the network, including the terminal component, exceeded the level of 250,000 outlets.

The system intensively developed the addressless option. It is now supported in 69 percent of outlets in Russia and in 62 percent of the CIS services points.

"We have achieved a great success promoting unified customer card (UCC). Today the total number of UCC in circulation in Russia only exceeded 950,000, while the proportion of UCC-transfers was 63 percent throughout the system whole network," Hayriyan said.

He especially noted launch of UCC-transfers via the QIWI terminals in Russia.

Hayrian said UNISTREAM FX-remittances proved to be a significant project of the year 2011.

The system’s President named launch of the options “from home” and “home delivery” as very important innovations the company introduced in the period of time in the CIS money transfer segment.

It is also worth mentioning and symbolic that the application UNISTREAM is now available in the App Store for iPhone.

"We proved to be able to show sufficiently high development dynamics in January-September and are confident that this will remain in the last quarter of the current year," said Hayriyan.

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