Unistream have signed an agreement with CyberPlat, co-operating in the field of public utilities bill payments


The agreement signed, makes it possible for CyberPlat’s clients to pay bills through Unistream’s service points. Currently the Unistream money transfer system operates at over 22,000 service points around the globe.

Besides money transfer services, the following services will soon be available at Unistream’s outlets:

  • Cell phone bill payments
  • Utilities bill payments
  • Electricity bill payments
  • Land telephone line bill payments, as well as payments of inter-city and international bill payments.
  • Satellite TV bill payments and cable TV bill payments
  • Internet bill payments
  • Other services’ bill payments

CyberPlat is the first universal multi-bank payment system in Russia. It provides its customers with services on payment; on telephone bills, internet bills, satellite and cable TV, electricity and housing bills. CyberPlat has been in the market for 8 years. The 2005 turnover was of $1.12 billion.

The two companies receive benefits from the signed agreement: Unistream widens the spectrum of its services, while CyberPlat significantly increases the number of its service points. Also, being overseas, any CyberPlat client can pay their bill from a Unistream office.

Souren Hayriyan, CEO for Unistream, said that, through co-operation with CyberPlat, Unistream plans to increase its turnover by extra $500 million. Unistream is recognized as one of the most dynamic world money transfer systems. With its annual turnover of $750 million, it boasts a 300 percent growth in 2005 and expects a 400 percent growth in 2006.

Having recently opened its office in Cyprus, it is also planning to open offices in London and New York.

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