The first quarter’s results showed a 3-time increase compared with the same period of 2005


The data has been issued by the Unistream’s analysts after summarizing the company achievements of the first 3 months of 2006. The number of transactions increased by 300 percent

The experts said increases were seen in all directions. Thus, the amount of transactions internal and external to Great Britain through the Unistream rose 500 percent in the first quarter of 2006. The Moldova direction and Ukraine direction showed a 300 percent increase, Kyrgyzstan—330 percent increase. The amount of transactions with Armenia doubled.

The system has become the leader in the Armenian market due to as much as 45 percent of money transfers being done via the Unistream money transfer system.

The analysts establish positive dynamics monthly. In 2006, the February turnover rose 1.3 times compared to January while the amount of transactions in March rose 1.4 times compared to February.

New partnership agreements have been signed during the three month period, which resulted in the number of company-partners increasing by 40 percent throughout the period.

The agreements with RIA Telecommunications USA CyberPlat (Russia) were especially contributive. The CyberPlat agreement not only increases the number of service offices but also widens the spectrum of services making paying communal bills and telephone and internet bills available.

The number of the service points grew from 10 thousand to 22 thousand in the first quarter period.

“We have managed to achieve such milestones due to increasing effectiveness of our team and its high professionalism as well as a correctly aligned marketing strategy and well coordinated work of all Unistream’s departments,” said the CEO for the system Souren Hayriyan, “We are very enthusiastic to further increase the amount of transactions and client portfolio, open new branches and sign promising partnership agreements. While 2005, the amount of transactions rose 300 percent, in 2006 the system plan to step up the growth to 400 percent. Our plans are ambitious but both current market situation and our potential make it possible.”

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