The Ukrainian business magazine Bankir said Unistream is the number one money transfer system in Ukraine


In its June issue, the magazine run the story “Money Transfers Systems: Today and the Trends.” The story tackles the main features of the money transfers market in Ukraine where the progress of the segment is magnificent. The magazine said the amount of incoming transfers had shown a 25 percent growth in 2005 against 7 percent in 2004. The amount of outgoing transactions demonstrated a 63 percent growth in 2005 against 47 percent in 2004.

While rating the money transfers systems present in the market in terms of the amount of transactions, the magazine rated Unistream the second largest money transfers company in Ukraine after Western Union. According to the magazine, Unistream’s market share is currently 6.8 percent. The system has done an incredible progress during the past two years. In 2003, Unistream was not even in the Top Five in Ukraine.

The magazine mentioned extraordinary dynamics of the business development the company kept for the past 4 years. “For example, Unistream has been keeping the dynamics of the turnover growth on the level of 300 percent a year, and reached the number of service points of 22,000 in 85 countries,” the magazine said.

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