In 2006, Unistream plans to significantly widen its regional network


The company currently operates 70 of its own service points in Russia, plus 170 operated by the Uniastrum Bank.

The CEO of the company Souren Hayriyan said the company plans to increase the number of service points by 150 by January 2007. Thus, Unistream is expected to have 320 service points by the end of 2006.

Central Russia, Irkutsk region, Rostov region, Tyumen, Far East and the Krasnoyars region are expected to be the most promising regions.

Development of the region network is one of the strategic directions in the company's activity," Hayriyan said, Taking into account the progress of the system, we plan to have 1 to 3 service points in all large inhabited localities throughout Russia by the end of 2006."

As far as our partnership network is concerned, the number of service points (through the bank-partners) where the Unistream services are available will reach 1000 by the end of 2006 against 280 now.

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