UNISTREAM has become the first Russian money transfers system to reach a $1 billion turnover


The amount of transactions of the Moscow-headquartered  money transfers system UNISTREAM has reached $1 billion 300 million in January  – September of 2006. UNISTREAM has become the first among the Russian companies  operating in the business to exceed a $1 billion annual turnover.
“We consider this result as a great  success. It has become possible due to effective realization of our program  targeted on stepping up the turnover of the system,” said Souren Hayriyan, the  CEO for UNISTREAM.
“The  program includes intensive expansion of the system world wide by signing new  partnership agreements, and developing of an efficiently functioning  international service point network where the whole set of the UNISTREAM’s  services is available.”
Hayriyan said that a $1 billion 300 million  amount of transaction the system reached in January – August demonstrates an  incredible progress of the system world wide, and the ambitions of the  company’s leadership to reach the leading positions on the global money  transfers market.
“Since 2001 when the system started its  operations, we have permanently been perfecting our work, constantly developing  the strategies, implementing new IT-systems and carrying out the programs to  improve the team’s skills. All this has lead to the great results,” Hayriyan  said.
Currently, the system operates in 85  countries, providing high quality services in over 25 000 service points  world wide.
The system demonstrated a $750 million  amount of transactions in 2005 and aims to reach a $2 billion turnover in 2006.  The system has over 200 partnership agreements globally.

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