UNIStream participated in global conference GCMT-2006


The money transfers system UNIStream participated in the international conference GCMT-2006 (Global Consumer Money Transfers), opened on October 30 in London.

This global forum first was held a year ago and has turned into a one of the most important events in the global money transfers market.

70 largest world market players got together at the GCMT-2006 to tackle the issues of the dynamics of the transmittances market development, integration and cooperation. The forum aims to help develop effective mechanisms to solve problems mutually – particularly to internationally fight possible money laundering.
International press and eminent financial experts attended the conference.

Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for International Development; Charlie McCreevy, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market; Ed Balls, Economic Secretary to the Treasury; Garegin Tosunyan, President of the Association of Russian Banks; Dilip Ratha, Senior Economist, World Bank actively participated in the conference.

UNIStream was represented by its CEO Souren Hayriyan at the conference. In his speech, Hayriyan focused on the incredible dynamics of the CIS money transfers market, and the achievements the company has reached in 5 years of its development.

Hayriyan reported significant growth in the UNIStream’s amount of transactions, development of the the UNIStream’s service point network globally and opening offices world wide. He told the GCMT-2006 about establishing new services, interesting projects and future plans.

“ UNIStream is one of the founders of the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) – the organizer of the GCMT-2006. We very happy to see that the conference sparked such a success and turned into a global international forum, uniting the market players and giving a new impetus for further integrated development of the business. We believe the role of GCMT-2006 will be increasing from year to year, uniting new market players,” Hayriyan said.

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