In 2007, UNIStream plans to reach $4 bln amount of transactions, said CEO in live television broadcast of RBC


On January 18, the CEO for UNIStream Souren Hayriyan participated in the TV programme of the RBC national business channel. The programme tackled high results the system achieved in 2006 when the amount of transactions reached a $1.85 billion level, and the number of service points exceeded 25 000 globally.

Hayriyan said that the system managed to reach the significant growth due to the right strategy of development and aggressive marketing policy. He said that in 2007 the system will keep intensively developing the business, with the focus on increase of amount of transactions and expansion of the network world wide.  
The company aims to reach a $4 billion level and increase the number of service points to 50 000.

“Within a year period, we plan to triple our Russia’s outlet network to 300,” he added.
Hayriyan also reported that the leadership of the company is satisfied with the process of cooperation with financial investor. In November UNIStream signed the deal to sell its 26%-stake to Aurora Russia Ltd.
“The money we raise from the deal will fund further development of our own network and designing of new state-of-the-art IT products,” he said.

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