CEO calls for more unity efforts


The CEO for the international money transfers network UNIStream , Souren Hayriyan called others market players globally for more integration and unity.

As a CEO for one of the CIS money transfers leader and for the company controlling 25% of the CIS money transfers market, Hayriyan said that the business entered 2007 with dramatic changes that are not anymore reversible.

“During the period of the past few years we observed dramatic market changes. From year to year, the sector demonstrated incredible growth – from 70 to 75% annually and, this year it has reached the point when the philosophy of the market has changed,” he said, “We now can see that the civilized ways of sending money won people confidence, the services have become affordable to ordinary people and business started undergoing through the obvious processes of integration, standardization and quality improvement.”

“We entered the phase when the market players have become socially responsible for the humanitarian role the services play world wide providing the money from the developed countries to developing countries.”

“We can no longer ignore this objectively vital role,” Hayriyan said.
He added also that UNIStream is proud for the great contribution the company has made in the process of integration as a member-founder of the International Association of Money Transfers Network
“IAMTN is currently the leading global institute successfully dealing with the issues. We call all market players for joining the IAMTN this year,” Hayiryan said.

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