UNIStream participated in the XVI International Banking Congress in St. Petersburg


XVI International Banking Congress (IBC) took place in St. Petersburg, Russia from June 6th till 9th.   It is one of the most significant events to the Russia and CIS’ banking sector. The congress is held every year, and major market players, experts, financiers and auditors participate in it.

This year, IBC got together over 370 members. Souren Hayriyan, director general represented the system at the IBC.  “Development of our own service point network in Russia is one of our main priorities. That is why participation in this solid international forum is a vital issue. Here we have a unique opportunity to meet our colleagues, tell about ourselves and once again to attract the professionals’ attention to the money transfers’ sector,” Hayriyan said.

He held a speech “Money transfers market as one of the most dynamic sectors of economy.” He informed that the CIS money transfers sector has experienced a 70%-increase to reach a $20-billion annual amount of transactions.  He said that the systems of the second generations UNIStream belongs to, have managed to make the market client –oriented and trust in civilized methods of sending money has been inculcated. “We have managed to change the market fundamentals, which led to a decrease in tariffs and increase in volumes,” Hayriyan said.

He also reported that UNIStream has been demonstrating a fold-growth from year to year and successfully realized the program to become an independent business with the nuclear in Unistream Bank. He told the congress how the system is rapidly developing its service point network around the world.

In his speech, the general director for UNIStream said the system aims to reach a $4-billion amount of transactions in 2007 (against $1.850 billion in 2006) while the number of service points is planned to be increased to 50,000 against 35,000 now.
He said also that the system plans to further develop its own service point network in Russia to have over 550 service points by the mid 2009 (against 110 now).

Hayriyan believes that UNIStream is a good example of how a company has managed to closely keep up with the market demand, quickly develop right strategies to be realized in a short term.
He called the congress participants for cooperation. He said that the UNIStream leadership does all its best to implement new technologies and development of new marketing instruments.

“The philosophy of business, dynamics of the market and ambitions we have leave us the only chance: going ahead constantly stepping up the rates of development.”

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