UNIStream inks partnership agreement with ARY Speed Remit.


The international money transfers system UNIStream signed partnership agreement with one of the largest money transfer companies in the Middle East, ARY Speed Remit.

ARY is a UK-based company operating 15 000 service points globally. After all technical procedures are completed, UNIStream services will be available in all ARY’s service points.
The ARY Speed Remit’s network now covers over 35 countries. Apart from the Middle East countries, the list includes Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Indonesia, NZ, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, GB, US and Vietnam.

Director general for UNIStream, Souren Hayriyan highly appreciated the agreement signed.  “By signing the agreement, we actually fulfill before schedule the plan to reach the number of service points of 50 000 globally by the end of 2007. Above that, the agreement leads to  significant strengthening of our positions in the strategically important corridors: Europe-South East Asia, South East Asia – Oceania and Middle East. Once again we proved that Russian companies can be competitive even where their influence traditionally used to be tiny,”   he said.

UNIStream currently controls 25% of the CIS market. With a $1.85-billion volume of transactions in 2006, the system operates 30 000 in 85 countries around the world. The system serves over 800 000 clients a day. The UNIStream’s leadership plans to reach a $4-bilion amount of transactions in 2007.

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