Q2, 2007 results

The analyst department of the international money transfers system UNIStream reports that the volume of transactions in April-June of 2007 reached $792-million, almost a 100% as compared with the same period of 2006 when transactions worth $397-million were processed.

Thus the system demonstrated a $1-billion 288-million amount of transactions in Jan-Juine of 2007 against $625-million in the same period last year.

General Director for UNIStream, Souren Hayriyan believes that the system keeps high growth rates. He attributed great performance to effective realization of the company leadership’s strategy with the focus on intensive development of the service point network and signing new partnership agreements world wide.
“We entered 2007 as an independent business, signed deal with financial investor, Aurora Russia Ltd., and we entirely feel the obligations we have,” he said.

In April-June, 2007, the system signed 46 new partnership agreements, out of which 26 with domestic banks, 8 – financial institutions in CIS and 12 – internationally.

The list includes Intessit Sp. z. o.o ., ARY Speed Remit, Forex LTD, Telegiro, Xpress Money Serv. LTD.
The number of UNIStream’s partners world wide increased from 200 to 300 in Jan-June.
Developing its own service point network domestically, UNIStream opened 115 new its own service points throughout Russia to reach their total number of 134.

UNIStream Cyprus started operations in Cyprus, opening its service points in 3 major Cyprus cities.

UNIStream’s background info:
The system controls over 25% of the CIS money transfers market. With the turnover of $1-billion 850-million in 2006, the company operates 30,000 service points world wide in 85 countries and 800,000 clients served a year.

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