UNIStream inks agreement with Agro Currency Exchanges, Greece

The international money transfers system UNIStream signed partnership agreement with the Greek system Argo Currency Exchanges S.A. This agreement enables Agro to carry out transactions through UNIStream, and the clients of UNIStream have obtained access to the UNIStream’s services in the Agro’s service points.

In his comments on the agreement, the CEO for UNIStream Souren Hayriyan said it is an important part in the development of Mediterranean and South-European corridors [of money transfers].

“The agreement is an important supplementation to the UNIStream’s own network on Cyprus, which was launched at the beginning of the year. By having the agreement signed, we develop the strategically important direction – Cyprus- Greece – Western Europe and Eastern Europe where a large number of tourists and labor migrants take place.

Hayriyan believes the agreement demonstrates one more success the system made to enter the EU market.
«Signing an agreement in EU is always quality of work and standards challenging. A new agreement manifests that we are competitive in the market and the job we do meets international requirements.”

He said the agreement is one more step to become a solid global market player that is willing to achieve fair market share in the EU and global market.

As far as the local aspect is concerned, the Greek market features a great potential due to the increase in tourism and labor migration in the country.

“We have strong positions in the CIS where we have achieved a 25%-market share. Tourism and labor migration is on the rise from CIS to Greece, so we have a lot to offer to our Greek partners.”
With a $1 bln 850 mln turnover in 2006, UNIStream is currently operating 46 000 service points world wide, serving over 800 thousand clients per year.

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