UNIStream strengthens positions in UK. Agreement with Tabori Transfer signed.


The international money transfers system UNIStream inked partnership agreement with the British system Tabori Transfer Ltd. According to the agreement, the UNIStream services are now provided by the British system while the Tabori Transfer’s clients get access to the services  in all UNIStream’s service points globally.

The UNIStream’s leadership considers the UK [money transfers] corridor as one of most strategically important directions in the system development.

“Nowadays when competition is on the raise, our company pays significant attention to development of the partnership network in all important migration corridors. UK is definitely one of them. An enormous labor migration potential is accumulated in the Great Britain. That is due to high life standards in the country,” said chairman of BD for UNIStream Gagik Zakaryan, “ Every new agreement we sign[here] is an important impetus to strengthen our position in the UK. We are very much motivated to develop our partnership network further on in here.”

The system currently operates nearly 100 service points in Britain. The amount of transactions grew from $86mln to $116mln in 2007.

Having established its subsidiary in the UK, UNIStream runs 24 its own service points in the country.

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