Operations in Egypt started: 93 new service points


The international money transfers system UNIStream started its operations in 93 service points around Egypt. The UNIStream services will be provided in the ARY Forex’s outlets, in the framework of the partnership agreement between the UAE-headquartered company and the Moscow-based system. Launch of operations in Egypt makes the UNIStream’s services available in full in over 15 locations across the country including Cairo, Alexandria and Kafr Al Sheikh.

In his comments on the issue, the chairman for the BD of UNIStream, Gagik Zakaryan said the beginning of activity in Egypt is yet another important milestone in the development of the system’s service point network globally. He believes it may significantly contribute to stepping up the volume of transfers.

“Egypt has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Development of the service point network here is an important step to increase competitiveness of the system and its force of attraction to the potential partners,” Zakaryan said.

“Also, with this operations started, we create a solid base to promote the system further in Africa.”

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