UNIStream offers new concept at Dubai Conference



UNIStream disclosed a new concept in its international strategy at the conference MONEY TRANSFERS DUBAI 2008, held on April 28 in UAE.

Delivering his speech at the conference, the CEO for the system Souren Hayriyan said the company lunches a very important component in its global strategy to develop the money transfers corridors Europe-CIS-Gulf, Europe-CIS-Asia, Asia-CIS-Gulf.

Hayirian said that having started in the CIS, the leadership is gradually transforming UNIStream into a solid international player able to actively participate in development of the main global money transfers corridors and looking at the opportunities to drastically contribute to the corridors Europe-CIS-Gulf, Europe –CIS – Asia, Asia – CIS – Gulf. “It would be naturally and logically right move for the system that controls around 30 percent of the Russia-CIS corridor and keeps the leadership positions there. We are also number one in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan and Russia, we are leaders in the post-Soviet Union space,” he said.

The project called Great Bridge is meant to unify and develop the above mentioned vital world corridors, with the CIS as the center.

 He said that by the UNIStream estimates, growth rate of the potential in these money transfers corridors would be around 60 to 70 percent per year.

“This will give the market players sufficient funds to focus on extensive development such as increase the number of service points. This will also allow to gradually step up the quality of the services introducing new IT systems and developing extra services,” he said.

He also stressed the role the GCMT plays in the global market development projects.

“I especially would like to point out the role the IAMTN has played in the development of the civilized transmittance market globally. I am very happy that I have a chance to deliver my speech here in Dubai at the very important time, the time of the development of our project bridging Europe, Gulf and Asia via CIS through UNIStream. I invite all for you to cooperate with us.”

“UNIStream is proud for the great contribution the company has made in the process of integration as a member of the International Association of Money Transfers Network, and as the general sponsor to this conference in Dubai,” Hayriyan said.

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