Market share in Moldova 36 percent


The analysis department of UNIStream reported that the company’s market share in Moldova exceeded 36 percent. To reach the estimate, the expert used both the company figures and the latest data from National Bank of Moldova. The NBM said the amount of inbound remittance transactions was $920m in 2007 in Moldova. UNIStream transferred $333m.

The CEO for the company, Souren Hayriyan said Moldova is one of the most promising and rapidly growing corridors in the CIS. 

“We are steadily increasing our activity in the republic. It has been the second year that we are number one [in Moldova] as far as volume of transactions is concerned”, Hayriyan said.

The system currently operates over 600 service points in Moldova. The number of partners is 18.

Recently the system inked a partnership agreement with the country number one bank, Banca de Economii.

The system keeps its leadership positions. In January – February, the system transferred $44 million to Moldova, while the whole amount of inbound transactions in the republic was $133m.

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