UNISTREAM signed an agreement with Belgorodpromstroybank, Belgorod region, Russia.


The international money transfer system UNISTREAM signed a partnership agreement with the “Belgorodpromstroybank” (OJSC) in Belgorod region. Under the agreement, the System will develop its network of service points through the branches of this bank.

Currently Belgorodpromstroybank operates in following towns of the Russian Federation: Belgorod, Shebekino, Prokhorovka, Gubkin, Stary Oskol and Alekseevka.

With the signing of the agreement, the UNISTREAM’s management believes that the System will significantly strengthen its positions in Belgorod region where UNISTREAM’s turnover for the last year had tripled.

"We pay great attention to the development of UNISTREAM partner network in Russia, where we hold the second position", said Mr. Souren Hayriyan, President of UNISTREAM.

He described the rates of development of partner network as "very high" and informed that the current number of UNISTREAM’s partners [in Russia] is almost 170 against 100 partners at the end of 2007. The number of partners’ service points reached 1500 against 1000 service points a year ago.

"As one of the leaders in Russia and in the CIS countries, the System has serious ambitions to continue increasing its financial and service activity in Belgorod region. Therefore, we are steadily and progressively evolving the programme aimed at development of partner network, as well as network of its own service points, whose number currently exceeds 270", Mr. Hayriyan added, that one of them is working in Belgorod region.

It is important to mention that in this region of Russia the System has partnership agreements with banks such as “Severinvestbank”(OJSC), "BelDorBank" (JSC), “SahaDaymondBank” CB.

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