Amount of transactions in Uzbekistan $280 million in Q3, up 97 percent


The amount of transactions of the international money transfers system UNIStream in Uzbekistan soared to $280 million in Jul-Sept, a 97 increase compared to the same period of 2007 when the volume of transactions grew to $142 million.  

In Jan-July, the system executed transactions worth $603 million, a 126 percent growth against the corresponding period of 2007.

The CEO of UNIStream attributed the significant progress to aggressive development strategy applied in the Central Asia in general and in Uzbekistan particularly. The system controls over 30 percent of the [money transfer] market in the republic.

“Active promotion of affordable and quality services via our growing partnership network is the key to our progress in the Central Asia,” Souren Hayriyan said.

 He pointed out that the number of the service points increased to 539 in the region.

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