UNIStream participates in global forum by ICBI. CEO speaks of main principals to succeed.


The 6th annual event “Payments Central and Eastern Europe” organized by the ICBI was held in Prague on November 5 to 6. The conference gathered over hundred delegates representing government organizations and businesses including EC, ECB as well as Citi, ING, ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank.

The international money transfer system UNIStream was also invited to participate. As a market leader and most dynamically developing player, the system was offered to carry out a case-study, revealing its unique best practices and reporting the main principles a money transfer system should follow to reach success globally.

The CEO for the system, Souren Hayriyan held the case-study where he revealed in details his vision of the global money transfer market and CIS market where the system controls over 30 percent.

The case-study included a detailed analysis of the market with the focus on development of own network, partnership network globally, investment projects and others aspects that help UNIStream to reach success and remain highly competitive.

He pointed out exceptional role the remittances play globally and unconditional importance of this sector to the economies of many states.

“The money transfers market started playing such a significant role in global economy that it has become a subject of attention to big businesses and governments. At the same time, our participation in the conference and the case-study we held are the acknowledgement of the success UNIStream has reached on its way to become a solid international player.

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