Turnover in Tajikistan soared to $694 mln. in 2008


The amount of transactions of the international money transfer system UNIStream soared to $694 mln., a 58-percent growth against 2007 when the volume of remittances reached $439 mln.

The leadership attributes the growth to intensive work to develop partnership network in Asian region in general and in Tajikistan particularly.

“The countries of the [Central Asia] region play a significant role in formation of migration processes not only in the CIS but also in Europe. As the labor migrants are the main engine to the remittances market internationally, we permanently and intensively work on further development of solid partnership service network in this part of the world,” said CEO for UNIStream Souren Hayriyan.

He reported that in 2008, the number of UNIStream system’s members increased to 12 in the republic. This includes all principal Tajikistan’s banks.

The number of outlets exceeded 500. The network covers over 120 cities, towns and settlements including Dushanbe, Kudzhand and Kulyab.

Hayriyan said also that the company estimated its market share in the republic at 25 percent by the end of 2008.

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