Amount of transactions in Kyrgyzstan soared to $585 mln in 2008


The amount of transactions of the international money transfer system UNIStream soared to $585.9 mln. in Kyrgyzstan in 2008, up 41 percent against 2007 when the system processed the amount worth $415 mln.

The system’s experts estimate the market share in the republic at nearly 44 percent and UNIStream is number one remittance service provider in Kyrgyzstan.

The CEO for the system Souren Hayriyan said the development of UNIStream’s projects in Central Asia and in Kyrgyzstan particularly has been carried out intensively.

“Kyrgyzstan plays an important role in formation of labor migration processes in the CIS and in Europe. That is why we pay significant attention to develop the Kyrgyz corridor. The key aspect is to step up efficient and strong partnership network that provides our clients with quality services and intensive coverage,” said Hayriyan.

He reported that in 2008, the number of service points the system operates in Kyrgyzstan grew from 480 to over 600, covering nearly 100 cities and settlements across the country.

The number of UNIStream’s partners in the republic is 18.

“In 2009, we plan to continue the development of our network here, so making our positions in the whole entire CIS, stronger,” Hayriyan said.

The system’s market share in CIS is currently over 30 percent.

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