UNIStream inks partnership agreement with More Money Transfers in Latin America


The international money transfer system UNIStream signed partnership agreement with the Latin-American operator More Money Transfers. Inking the agreement, the system started its full-scaled program to enter the region.

The UNIStream services now become available in all outlets of the Uruguay-based company. The integration, UNIStream believe, is a significant milestone to both the Latin American market and the CIS market.

Represented in nearly 20 countries of Latin America – including Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia and Argentina,   More Money Transfers operates over 1400 service points across the region. UNIStream controls over 30 percent of the CIS segment.

“We have become the first Russian operator to enter the Latin America on such a solid basis. Having bridged two corridors we strengthened our positions in the international money transfer market,” the CEO for UNIStream said.

 «We seriously stake on Latin America since for the past few years UNIStream achieved significant results in Western Europe where we develop our own networks in the UK and Cyprus and are on a half way trough to launch our outlets in two more countries in Western Europe,” Souren Hayriyan said.

He reported the amount of transactions of the British affiliate UNIStream UK tripled in 2008.

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