UNIStream participated in the Money Transfers Dubai 2010 in Emirates


A UNIStream delegation participated in the international conference Money Transfers Dubai 2010 that was held on March 22 in the UEA.

Organized by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) and held on the regular basis, the conference has become one of the most important events in the global money transfer market.

The conference’s audience included representatives from the largest world financial institutions. This time World Bank, SWIFT, Eurogiro и IAMTN were among the participants.

The UNIStream speaker was the senior vice president of international business development, Commercial Bank Unistream Shekhar Nair.

In his speech he reported that the system reached significant achievements realizing its program of international development. He informed about the Unistream vision of the trends of the global remittance market and about the system’s niche in it.

Nair reported that the system operates 190,000 service points in 95 countries being in partnership with 350 financial institutions globally.

Within a short period, UNIStream managed to step up its network. In Europe where the system successfully promotes its affiliates in 4 countries, the total number of service points grew to 10 thousand, in Northern America – to 5 thousand, in Latin America the number of service points increased to 8 thousand.

He also informed about options the system offers to its clients. These include cash-to-cash transfers, cash-to-account transfers, cash to card, home delivery as well as self service kiosks and mobile money transfers.

To rapidly develop its network the system intensively signs partnership agreements with banks, postal organizations, remittance companies, mobile operators and E-money systems.

Nair reported that in 2009 the system reached the volume worth transactions of $3.71 billion. The number of clients served was nearly 6 million.

Speaking about the importance of the forum, the CEO for UNIStream and head of the system’s delegation, Souren Hayriyan said that the system reached significant heights in its international development.

“Our current concept is active development in all principal world corridors. Asia and Gulf are among the key ones. The Dubai conference is an important step towards new partnership agreements. UNIStream is open for cooperation and is one of the fastest developing world players. In Dubai we delivered the message telling our potential partners what benefits they might gain working with us”, Hayriyan said.

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