Unistream and Uniastrum sponsor Sabantuy festival at Kolomenskoe


On Saturday June 29, the Kolomenskoe heritage site will be the setting for the citywide Tatar and Bashkir national festival of Sabantuy, sponsored by Unistream international money transfer network and Uniastrum Bank.

Translated literally from Turkic languages, “sabantuy” means “ploughman’s feast” and marks the end of the spring sowing season. The festivities kick off at the heritage site at 11 am and continue through until 9 pm. The official opening is at 1 pm.

The festival program includes a concert by folk artists from Moscow, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, games and fun competitions, and bouts of “Keresh”, a national style of wrestling. Visitors to the Sabuntuy will have a chance to see an improvised Tatar hut and outbuildings, find out more about the culture and everyday life of the Bashkir people, visit the open-air museum of folklore and ethnography, try national cuisine and purchase national souvenirs.

Unistream international money transfer network will also be there with its own marquee in park’s central area, not far from Kolomenskoe wharf. Unistream staff will be on hand to offer advice on all the network’s services.

Unistream and Uniastrum maintain a strong presence in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Every year over Rb 1.5 bn are dispatched to the republics, while total annual turnover for these segments tops Rb 3.6 bn.

“We’re delighted to be part of Moscow’s biggest Tatar and Bashkir national holiday,” says Unistream President Suren Airiyan. “I welcome such initiatives being held in the capital of our multiethnic country. They help unite the Russian public by providing them with an opportunity to see the rich culture of different peoples and to better understand our history.”

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