UNISTREAM reinforced its positions in the money transfer market in South and South-East Asia

UNISTREAM reinforced its positions in the money transfer market in South and South-East Asia

According to Q1’ 2013 results of International Unistream Money Transfers System, the countries of South and Southeast Asia were the fastest growing cash transfers corridors in UNISTREAM system. The Philippines are the growth champion in terms of growth rate, while India comes in second.

According to Unistream Q1 2013 results the volume of money transfers to The Philippines via the UNISTREAM System has increased by 335%, while the amounts remitted to India and Sri Lanka have grown by 131% and 72% respectively, if compared to the same period of the last year.

“The volume of money transfers to the countries of South and Southeast Asia is growing at a rapid rate, as still more local residents, who work in foreign countries, including The Arab Emirates and Europe, discover the opportunities of UNISTREAM”, — UNISTREAM President Souren Hayriyan commented on the results achieved by the system in the first quarter.

“A notable increase in cash transfers to India can be explained by the fact that there are a lot of natives of that country among British residents, while in the UK, the UNISTREAM system boasts a significant presence. It is the UK-India corridor that is the quickest to grow. In India we are also currently laboring to develop our network of partners. The reliability of our system and favorable exchange rates — that is what Indian consumers and our partners find appealing”, — Souren Hayriyan explains.
UNISTREAM is present in almost 100 countries across the world. Over 450 financial organizations are partners of the system. The total number of UNISTREAM locations currently amounts to 334,000 (including self-service terminals) and is constantly growing.
Over 93,000 outlets are located in South and Southeast Asia. UNISTREAM is present in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Nepal and Vietnam.
One more international destination that demonstrates record growth following the results of first quarter is the Baltic region, where UNISTREAM is actively building up its presence and responding to consumers’ demands.


The International Money Transfer System UNISTREAM is one of the most popular systems in Russia and the CIS. It is currently working in over 100 countries through more than 334,000 locations, including self-service terminals. The company’s annual turnover exceeds $5 bln. UNISTREAM operates networks in Greece, UK and Cyprus. More than 450 financial institutions around the world are partners of the system.

Following the results of 2012 UNISTREAM was named the Best Money Transfer System in Eastern Europe by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

UNISTREAM has been successfully working in the cash transfer market for over 12 years. Since that time a popular cash transfer system has grown into a recognized international payment system, known for the high quality of service and advanced IT technologies. In 2002 UNISTREAM became one of the co-founders of the National Payments Council, a non-profit partnership established under the aegis of the Central Bank of Russia and Russian Banks Association.

Today our customers can not only transfer money, but make other kinds of payments (repay loans, pay for utility and other services) through UNISTREAM outlets and payment terminals. UNISTREAM is constantly broadening its product range, developing new products for consumers and extending its network of partners. The company has set a goal of moving to the front of the Russian electronic payments market that is rapidly growing.

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