UNISTREAM and MasterCard Expand Geography of Joint Money Transfer Service


UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System and MasterCard Payment System have expanded the geography* of their joint money transfer service from MasterCard® and Maestro® bank cards with cashing out at UNISTREAM outlets.

UNISTREAM and MasterCard in participation with Gazprombank launched the card2cash money transfer service in June 2013. Initially, the service was available in Russia only, but now its geography has been expanded to 16 more countries. Holders of MasterCard® and Maestro® cards issued by Russian banks can make UNISTREAM money transfers through the MasterCard Mobile service and cash out in CIS countries, Georgia, Bulgaria, the UK, Vietnam, Israel, the Czech Republic, etc.

The list includes those countries where money is most often transferred to from Russia, according to the UNISTREAM analytical center. These countries are also basic markets for UNISTREAM and there are opportunities for expansion of the card2cash service in key regions such as Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. Gradually, the new service will be extended to other regions where UNISTREAM operates.

Gazprombank is responsible for processing the transfers via MasterCard Mobile. Intervale Group is the developer and service provider of the MasterCard Mobile service and the card2cash transfers.

MasterCard cardholders can make money transfers through the UNISTREAM system round the clock. To this end, they only need a computer or any mobile device with Internet access. They should specify the details of the card, from which the transfer is to be made (number, expiration date and CVC2), the name of the recipient on the website mobile.mastercard.ru, the transfer format: with address (with a particular outlet for cash out) or without the address (the transfer can be cashed out at any outlet within the country where the transfer was sent to), and the cash-out currency. UNISTREAM provides dual-currency transfers: a ruble transfer can be cashed out in USD, EUR or GBP. The commission fee for the transfer of up to 10,000 rubles is 200 rubles. The commission fee for the transfer of 10-15 thousand rubles is 2% of the amount.

MasterCard Mobile money transfers are made via MasterCard MoneySend®. Security is provided by the use of international data encryption standards, as well as compliance with PCI DSS security standards and support for MasterCard® SecureCodeTM.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to make money transfers easier, faster and safer for our customers. The geographical expansion of the UNISTREAM and MasterCard joint services will facilitate overseas money transfers for millions of our fellow citizens,” says UNISTREAM President Souren Hayriyan. “Since the launch of the UNISTREAM card2cash money transfers for MasterCard® and Maestro® cardholders, we have been able to make certain of the high demand for this service in Russia. We are confident that overseas money transfers, as part of this service, will enjoy the same high demand.”

“We are opening a new stage in the development of card-based money transfer services. Now international transactions have become available for the customers,” says Konstantin Abramov, MasterCard Senior Business Development Manager in Russia. “This is a logical and expected step, which significantly expands the service’s capabilities and makes card-based money transfers even more convenient.”

* Customers can make money transfers from MasterCard® and Maestro® bank cards and cash them out at UNISTREAM outlets in the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, UK, Vietnam.


International Money Transfer System UNISTREAM is one of the most popular such systems in Russia and the CIS. It is currently operating in over 100 countries through more than 334,000 locations, including self-service terminals. The company’s annual turnover exceeds $5 billion.

UNISTREAM operates networks in Greece, the UK and Cyprus. More than 400 financial institutions around the world are partners of the system.

In 2012, UNISTREAM was named the Best Money Transfer System in Eastern Europe by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

UNISTREAM has been successfully operating in the cash transfer market for over 12 years. Since that time a popular cash transfer system has grown into a recognized international payment system, known for the high quality of service and advanced IT technologies. In 2002, UNISTREAM became one of the co-founders of the National Payments Council, a non-profit partnership established under the aegis of the Central Bank of Russia and Russian Banks Association.

Today our customers can not only transfer money, but also carry out other kinds of payments (repay loans, pay for utility and other services) through UNISTREAM networks of service outlets and payment terminals. UNISTREAM is constantly broadening its product range, developing new tools for consumers and extending its network of partners. The company has set a goal of moving to the front of the Russian electronic payments market that is rapidly growing.

About MasterCard Mobile

MasterCard Mobile allows you to make a variety of payment transactions, payments for goods and a wide range of services: topping up cellular subscriber accounts, paying bills for utility services, electricity, cable TV and Internet access. You can also purchase air and rail tickets, pay for education needs, entertainment services. You can make card2card money transfers via MasterCard Mobile based on the MasterCard® MoneySendTM technology and issue virtual cards.

MasterCard Mobile is one of the many new benefits for MasterCard cardholders and a new step towards the development of a cashless society.

MasterCard Mobile is easy to use and provides a wealth of opportunities. In particular, the users can:

  • Tie one or more cards to the service;
  • Select and make up a list of transactions for a particular region - depending on where the user is located;
  • Create a list of favorite transactions;
  • After creating an account in at least one of these interfaces (mobile application or web application), in the future, you can easily get access to your personal page, control the settings and make payments via any of the interfaces;
  • Make money transfers and buy virtual cards via different interfaces: web application, mobile application, mobile portal;
  • After you sign up and add a card, you can pay your utilities and internet bills in only 2 clicks: specify the amount, and confirm.

You can get access to MasterCard Mobile through the website mobile.mastercard.ru, the mobile portal m.mobile.mastercard.ru, as well as a mobile application for your phone. Applications are downloadable at mobile.mastercard.ru, Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace.

The service supports MasterCard® SecureCodeTM and international data encryption standards.


MasterCard (NYSE: MA) www.mastercard.com is a technology company operating in the global payments industry. We are managing the world’s fastest payment processing network that connects consumers, financial institutions, trade organizations, governments and business organizations in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard products and solutions make it easier, safer and more efficient to solve everyday tasks such as shopping, traveling, doing business and managing finances. Follow us on Twitter@MasterCardNews and MasterCard Facebook, join the discussion in the blog Cashless Conversations Blog and subscribe to our news.

Gazprombank (Open Joint Stock Company)

is among the three largest banks in Russia in all major indicators, as well as in the Top 3 largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity.
Gazprombank has an investment grade rating of Moody’s Investor’s Service — the rating of long-term deposits in foreign currency is at Baa3 with a stable outlook, the debt rating is at Baa3. The Standard & Poor’s long-term counterparty rating on debt and borrowings of the Bank is at BBB-, outlook stable. The Fitch Ratings long-term issuer default rating of the Bank is at ‘BBB-’ with a stable outlook.

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