Top IT providers for financial services industry to take part in Bank of the Future Conference

Top IT providers for financial services industry to take part in Bank of the Future Conference

The second day of the first International Bank of the Future conference to be held in Venice on November 14-15 will take a close look at the technologies and innovations enabling banks and payment networks to offer customers tomorrow’s products and services today.

The second day of the conference kicks off with a section entitled “Payment Services Technologies and Innovations”, which will be led by experts from top financial services technology providers. The section will start with a talk given by Konstantin Abramov, Senior Business Development Manager at MasterCard Europe, about the latest EFT market trends. This will be followed by a presentation by Alexander Gentsis, member of Diasoft’s board of directors, on how IT innovations are impacting the performance of finance sector companies and how front office “Financial Guide” concept-based solutions are improving the quality of services and driving up bank profits.

Alexei Shamayko, Intervale General Director and specialist in innovative e-banking solutions, will speak about new mobile information payment technologies specific to the services sector. Dmitri Mulyar, Director of Gamma Center’s Commercial Bank Services Department, will give a talk on cutting-edge hardware-software systems for enhancing retail banking operations.

Persons attending the second day of the conference will also be invited to consider a number of case studies involving e-money and online payment services.

Underlining the benefits offered by the new EFT technologies for customers and banks alike will be Robert Posier from Wallet One (W1) international payment system. Electronic money is fast becoming an intrinsic part of modern life, making it an essential component of any financial institution’s product mix. Robert Posier will be recounting how W1 devised and launched its White Label mobile wallet solutions on domestic and international markets.

Gilberto Arrendondo, Chief Commercial Officer at fastacash, a global platform uniting social networks and payment services, will talk about building a successful electronic payment business and fastacash’s latest solutions.

The first International Bank of the Future Conference is organized by Unistream. The two-day event will also feature an exhibition on pioneering e-payment solutions. The Conference’s strategic partner is Diasoft; Intervale and Gamma-Center are general sponsors.

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