UNISTREAM Mobile Money Transfers Go beyond CIS

UNISTREAM Mobile Money Transfers Go beyond CIS

UNISTREAM money transfers can now be sent through the RURU payment service on mobile phones using Russian cellular operators Beeline, MegaFon, and MTS to the UK, Israel, and Mongolia.

The UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System and the RURU payment service, the leader in the mobile financial market in Russia, have expanded the geography of mobile transfers. Users of the largest mobile operators in Russia can transfer money from their mobile accounts through UNISTREAM to Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Israel (to cash out in USD), and to the UK (to cash out in GBP).

Users can transfer money via SMS dialogue by sending a text message to a short number, via the RURU.ru website, or via the RURU mobile app for Android and iOS phones from a mobile account, or a Visa and MasterCard credit card account.

Transfers are available for cash-out within 10 — 15 minutes at any UNISTREAM service point dealing with non-address transfers. The number of UNISTREAM service points in the UK is about 100, including proprietary outlets and partner offices; the UNISTREAM chain includes more than 90 points in Israel and more than 400 points in Mongolia.

The service is commission-free for Beeline subscribers. Details on pricing, procedures and UNISTREAM service points are available online at intl.unistream.com.

“Mobile money transfers are increasingly gaining popularity among consumers thanks to their undisputed benefits such as convenience and speed,” says Kirill Palchun, head of the UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System. “Today, it’s safe to say that customers’ desire to simplify the payment process, growing smartphone sales, and more advanced technologies offered by payment service providers, will ensure demand and lead to a strong growth of this money transfer channel in the coming years.”

“Money transfers are a strategically important area for the RURU Payment Service,” says Alexei Vasyasin, Commercial Director of the RURU Payment Service. “The launch of a new business unit, money transfers to foreign countries, will expand the range of RURU payment services and allow our customers to take care of their loved ones even in the most distant countries far from Russia.”


UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System is one of the most popular such systems in Russia and the CIS. It is currently operating in over 100 countries through more than 333,500 locations, including self-service terminals. The company’s annual turnover exceeds $5 billion.

UNISTREAM operates networks in Greece, the UK and Cyprus. More than 450 financial institutions around the world are partners of the system.

In 2012, UNISTREAM was named the Best Money Transfer System in Eastern Europe by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

UNISTREAM has been successfully operating in the cash transfer market for over 12 years. Since that time, a popular cash transfer system has grown into a recognized international payment system, known for the high quality of service and advanced IT technologies. In 2012, UNISTREAM became one of the co-founders of the National Payments Council, a non-profit partnership established under the aegis of the Central Bank of Russia and Russian Banks Association.

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