The volume of money transfers of the UNISTREAM System grows by 18% on Russian domestic market

The volume of money transfers of the UNISTREAM System grows by 18% on Russian domestic market

The Russian market witnessed the 18% growth of money transfer volume within the UNISTREAM International Payment System in 2013. The company analysts relate this with the growth of migration inside the country and the development of remote money transfer channels.

Beside the total volume of UNISTREAM money transfers inside the country, the average amount of a single remittance also grew by some 6.5 %.

The specialists of the UNISTREAM analyzing center consider among the main reasons for the growth of money transfers inside the country such factors as: domestic labour migration due to dynamically developing economies of some regions and their engaging there new labour resources, the existing trend to decentralization of the country, including the transfer of head offices of companies and production facilities to the regions.

The beginning of this year showed three Russian regions to be leaders in the volume of money payment within the UNISTREAM System. That is Moscow, Krasnodar region, and Saint-Petersburg. The main donors are the regions, which transferred the biggest amount of money within the UNISTREAM System in 2013, were Moscow, Moscow Region, and Krasnodar region.

The volume of incoming and outgoing money transfers is the main indicator for the development of regional economy. Moscow, Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar region occupy first places in the rating of investment potential in 2013, and are, at the same time, the leaders in the volume of incoming and outgoing money transfers, commented Kirill Palchun, Chairman of the UNISTREAM Managing Board.

An important thing, which influenced upon the growth of domestic money transfers within the UNISTREAM System, was an active development of distance payment services by the System in 2013, — Kirill Palchun continues. The use of the Internet and up-to-date technologies allowed making money transfers available 24/7 from any home pc, tablet, mobile phone. The UNISTREAM clients throughout Russia may assess the commodity of our distance services, such as online money transfer from card to cash and cash to card on the Web Page, transfers from mobile phones, from UNISTREAM Money e-wallet.


The UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System of is one of the popular systems in Russia and CIS countries. It operates in some 100 countries worldwide through some 333.5 thousand service points, including self-service payment terminals.

UNISTREAM has its own networks in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus. Over 450 financial institutions all over the world cooperate with the System.

The UNISTREAM System is the co-funder of the National Payment Council, founded under the aegis of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Banks.

The International Financial Magazine named UNISTREAM the Best Money Transfer System for Eastern Europe 2013.

2012 UNISTREAM was nominated for IAMTN (International Association of Money Transfer Systems) Prize and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

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