UNISTREAM launched non-address money transfers to China

UNISTREAM launched non-address money transfers to China

Now it is possible to receive money, transferred within the UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System in one of forty-six thousand offices of Postal Savings Bank of China, 10 minutes after they are sent.

The cooperation with the Postal Savings Bank of China, which has the biggest branch network in the country, allows the UNISTREAM System to achieve a new level of development in the Asian region and considerably increase its share in this market.

Kirill Palchun, Chairman of the Managing Board of UNISTREAM, told: having launched non-address money transfers together with the Postal Savings Bank of China, we offered our clients one of the quickest and most convenient means of money transfers to China. Non-address money transfer is the most convenient means for a client to transfer money, the money being paid to the beneficiary in any bank branch in the whole country.

The branch network of the Postal Savings Bank of China comprises 46 thousand branches all over the country. Due to the creation of the Postal Savings Bank of China on the basis of the divisions of the State Postal Administration, it has the branches in all provinces of China, including the ones in the most distant locations.

The money transferred is given to the beneficiary in local currency at a very profitable exchange rate. The money may be transferred to the Postal Savings Bank of China from any sales point of the UNISTREAM System in Russia, CIS countries and the rest of the world. The money may be sent in rubles, US dollars, Euros and pounds. The fees are fixed as per the amount transferred irrespective of the actual sum. The fee is 20 US Dollars if the sum transferred is up to 3000, and is 35 US dollars if the amount transferred exceeds 3000 US Dollars. All the fees are listed at the UNISTREAM Web Page. A single money transfer may amount maximum up to 8 000 US Dollars. Contrary to usual bank transfers, here it is possible to receive money 10 minutes after it was sent.

Over the last three years the average growth of the number of money transfers to China within the UNISTREAM System amounted to 70%. The money is mainly transferred to China by the clients of the system from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Cyprus.


The UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System of is one of the popular systems in Russia and CIS countries. It operates in some 100 countries worldwide through some 333.5 thousand service points, including self-service payment terminals.

UNISTREAM has its own networks in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus. Over 450 financial institutions all over the world cooperate with the System.

The UNISTREAM System is the co-funder of the National Payment Council, founded under the aegis of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Banks.

The International Financial Magazine named UNISTREAM the Best Money Transfer System for Eastern Europe 2013.

2012 UNISTREAM was nominated for IAMTN (International Association of Money Transfer Systems) Prize and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

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